The Okinawa-Te Core

Our Vision: To ensure that the legacy of Shihan Gordon Doversola and the art of Okinawa-Te be carried on to future generations.

Shihan Doversola mentored and taught countless adults and children. Okinawa-Te students gained valuable martial arts abilities, knowledge and life molding experiences.

The USA Core members main objective is always to represent and teach Okinawa-Te in a positive and professional manner. The USA Core members, as identified by the Doversola family at Shihan’s memorial service are listed below:

John Arnold
Ivan Brandler
Czarina Doversola
Jorge Godinez
John Helms
Richard Triplett

Czarina Doversola, Shihan’s eldest daughter has remained active in Okinawa-Te and holds an advisory position in the USA Core. All Core members have decades of training directly under Shihan Doversola.

Our Mission: To teach and promote Okinawa-Te as created by Shihan and grow our organization.

Core member promotions became necessary to create a rank structure to fill the void left by Shihan’s passing. The family appointed Core needed to hold sufficient rank to carry out their assigned tasks. Input was received from Czarina Doversola. The highest rank promotions within the Core were recognized/endorsed
by two high ranking, outside martial arts instructors:
Professor David Bellman, 10th Dan Founder, Mushin Ryu Jujitsu
Dr. Ron Chapel, 10th Dan, Kenpo International Director, Sub Level, Four.

The following Okinawa-Te schools are affiliated with the USA Core:

Lancaster, CA – Richard Triplett
Northridge, CA  John Helms
Simi Valley,CA – David Hall
Aranui, NZ. Mary Patu