Kick for change started in 2001 by the Okinawa-Te Organization. The program’s focus is to give underprivileged and at risk children a chance to study martial arts at a discounted rate. Kick for Change mission is to provide a safe and positive environment that teaches qualities, such as good work ethics, respect and, compassion.  Teachers encourage students to use these qualities in their everyday lives and become productive adults in the real world.

The Martial arts is a traditional form of Oriental defense that uses physical skill and coordination without weapons. Kick for Change goals are to teach youth martial arts to promote self-esteem and self-discipline. Not Hollywood’s version of martial arts exploited by movies and television

Kick for change also serves the community. Students volunteer their time and energy to local Shelters and the local community garden. Sensei Richard Triplett believes that this program will grow in the coming years and help him give back to children of the Antelope Valley and surrounding communities.


If your organization or school believes that a child may benefit from this program please contact us at (661)942-5855.